Covid Guideline


Exceptionally this year, no on-site registration will be possible. Only the complete registration files will allow the recovery of the bib, this to avoid lengthening the time spent at the withdrawal. Finally, the Benjamin category (2007-2008) must respect the wearing a mask before and after the event like adults.


1. I enter the Lac de Lapalud site with my mask on my nose and after washing my hands (hydroalcoholic gel available at the entrance), accompanied if I wish.

2. I go to the Bibs Withdrawing building to collect (alone) my envelope containing my bibs, stickers, shuttle bracelet (if option taken), swimming cap HEAD, tracking, my two bags T1 + T2… and my aid package ISOSTAR ! All this using my withdrawal card received by email.

3. I collect my ZEFAL bottle and my pair of COMPRESSPORT socks at the VENTOUXMAN store, following the signs (single direction of traffic).

4. I put the numbered stickers on my bike, helmet, T1, T2 and personal bags. I hang up my bib. If I arrived at the beginning of my slot, I have time to get a drink, eat a crepe on the lake beach and watch the VentouxKIDS…

5. I go to the Bike Park entry where I drop off … my bike, only. Then I leave the bike park and therefore the Lac de Lapalud area.

6. I prepare my T2 bag and drop it off today in the dedicated truck at the entrance of the site, as well as my after-race clothes bag if ready and needed.

Reminder: Only the complete registration files will allow the recovery of the bib, this to avoid lengthening the time spent at the withdrawal. Time slots are available for the withdrawal of the bib (followed by the deposit of the bike and of the bag T2), at a rate of 150 maximum per hour and a half (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Choices will be open until September 12. We will then assign the default slots. We ask everyone to respect the time slots allocated for this check-in.


1. I drop off my personal post-race bag if I haven’t done so on Saturday, in the dedicated truck located outside the site.

2. I enter the Start site directly from the Bike Park, with the mask on my nose and showing my bib. I am carrying my Swimming and Cycling gear and my T1 bag. Foot pumps will be available in the park. I prepare and warm up on my spot, listen carefully to the briefing at 7.15am and wait for my starting wave to be called.

3. When my wave is called, I go to the pre-start zone by storing my mask in a plastic bag that I leave at my location to find it back after the Swimming. The starts will be done in waves of 50 athletes every minute by n ° bib number. The first 2 will be exclusively female, then relay, elite Men, and Men. The numbers of bibs are established using the benchmark performance index (T2 Area site) for the first 50 bibs then by club, in order to be neighbors in the Bike Park … and start together.


Due to Covid restrictions, “Solid” supplies will be extremely light and made up of individual packaged products (mainly bars, gels, small cheeses on the run). Therefore, we will provide you an ISOSTAR package of 3 bars and 5 gels for the race, given with the bib.

We ask athletes to plan more than usual, for cycling as well as for running (in your T2 bags deposited on Saturday in Lapalud, that we bring up to your location in T2). Two full bottles at the start of the cycling part will be mandatory, “liquid” supplies must not be subject to any manipulation by the participants (service provided by volunteers and / or individual containers to be transferred to their container), these will require therefore more time than usual. Water and Coke will be available.

Exceptionally this year, guides are not allowed on the 4 “official” refreshment zones of the bike course, a “personal refreshment” zone will be set up at km50 (exit of the village de La Roque-Alric) to perhaps allow some athletes to avoid stopping at official refreshments, and therefore to facilitate traffic in these areas. Referees will obviously be present to prevent assistance in this “personal” area from remaining reasonable (no bike change possible for example !).


1. I collect my mask, kept dry in a plastic bag during my race and wear it.

2. I collect my finisher gift and put my transponder in the dedicated bin.

3. I access the post-finish area by showing my bib, and pick up my packed lunch and then my T1 bag.

4. I join my companions when leaving the finish area, with the exception of those called to prize ceremony, and wait for 3pm in order to get back by bike and T2 bag.


Access to the start area will be authorized but limitated for the public (beach separated into a public area / a participant area). After entering on Lac de Lapalud site, you will not be able to have any contact with your athlete.

Concerning the finish area, the public access will be possible until the last 100 meters (finish line). On Saturday, access to the Lac de Lapalud will be open to the public wishing to come with his/her participant, attend the KIDS events or simply enjoy the beach with a drink or a meal. Thank you for your understanding.

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