You want a part of the myth as well ? Each one his own.
Yours begin here, September 19th.
VentouxMan Experience, first edition, is a unique cycling & running race on the Géant de Provence

✅ 28 km cycling in mass-start, from Bédoin. Drafting allowed but not useful so long…

  • 21 km ascent with 1600 m elevation gain, the worldwide famous Mont Ventoux south face.
  • Followed by a short downhill (6km + 1km flat) from the summit until the station du Mont Serein 

✅ 10 km running (2 laps) on the mix (road/trail) and panoramic course of the Ventouxman.

As in Triathlon, the two disciplines are in a row (bike is left in a “bike park” with a dedicated place) and the timing is not stopped ! A great challenge to learn to know the VentouxMan !

Registration is open :

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